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Moroccan Bathroom


Moroccan Interior

Once Upon a Time in my kitchens

I spent many years designing kitchens and after all these years I have to say it’s very interesting . Kitchen is one the most useful spaces in many houses   . special furniture , accessories, lighting , mood in… Continue reading

Louis Vuitton – 5th Avenue – New York 2011

What’s with animals in 2011? I like the concept but I hope they are not poor dead animals, then for sure I’ll hate  it ! for ostrich it’s not possible it’s real , the neck is really long… Continue reading

Karim Rashid’s story

Intresting interview with Karim Rashid which I found on Design Story website . … Born in Egypt, raised in Canada, educated in Italy, Karim Rashid now resides in New York. Perhaps one of the most high-profile… Continue reading

Tucker Robbins

I found many unique furniture on his website  . also he has a channel on You tube with afew intresting videos about where is the source of his furniture and  what he is passionate about  in life enjoy 🙂

Travel Agency

Tehran- IRAN 2007 I did this project 4 years ago in Tehran , the place was a very long corridor and my client needed place for 8  agent and 1 manager+storage for keeping document and… Continue reading