Travel Agency

Tehran- IRAN


I did this project 4 years ago in Tehran , the place was a very long corridor and my client needed place for 8  agent and 1 manager+storage for keeping document and small kitchen and waiting area , to much request for  this  long corridor. he wants me to place each agent to somehow they fill each one of them have a private work space for them self also he needed management area  some how the place look like suitable for a manager and in same time he can control all his staffs from his desk any time with just a glance !

for this project I inspired by Air Bus airplane interior , I designed ceiling of travel agency simillar to the air plane . in end of the corridor I considered a storage and I gave the rest of place to the management . personnels desks arranged some how that they seat in diffrent direction of each other  .

design of this project from taking dimensions , drawings, all the meetings , 3D rendering s  took me  about 3 weeks . and this is one of the projects that I really like it .