Stingray Skin in Fashion

Luxurious exotics seem to always represent taste, style and class. But stingray is the new exotic really making waves in fashion.Its unique beauty is highlighted by the shiny pebbly texture of the skin,… Continue reading

Christian Louboutin Christmas Tree

  Inspired by traditional festive motifs, Christian Louboutin‘s windows feature a bespoke Christmas tree display which consists of specially cast lasts of the iconic Pigalle shoe. The white last is finished with the… Continue reading

Louis Vuitton Island Maison in Singapore

This truly first ever luxury island features the complete Louis Vuitton offering, from men’s to women’s collections, to jewelry it even hosts a unique bookstore. its a complete glass island-building, designed by Safdie Architects as a part… Continue reading

Rie Hosokai & her Daisy Balloon Dresses

Rie hosokai is a Japanese balloon artist. I like the way she uses the balloons to create dresses.

Mondrian Inspired Wedge

Nowadays, a lot of products are related to the Mondrian color composition and this is one of the best from  2007  Christian Louboutin collection .  Jessica Craig-Martin’s Mondrian Teacup Pug

L’Aviva Home

Amazing Rugs , Cushion ,… from Kyrgyzstan by L’Aviva home  .      

SPLASH Coffee Table

Series of small tables in two dimension with glass box as magazine-holder Designed by Karim Rashid for Tonelli design

Contemporary Architecture and Interior Beverly Grove / Los Angeles / CA

Twister Restaurant in Kiev

Twister Restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine by Makhno Sergey and Vasily Butenko                                  

Moroccan Bathroom